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MEDWAY Terminal of Entroncamento

Strategic location

Proximity, speed, excellent access and reduced transport costs, through the use of intermodal systems, is what MEDWAY - Terminals Entroncamento has to offer. 

MEDWAY - Terminals Entroncamento is connected to the main road and rail routes in Portugal and Spain, ensuring reduced transit times for connections to Europe.


MEDWAY Terminal strategic location

Customs type A
warehouse Export warehouse

Daily rail connections to various destinations.
Consolidation and deconsolidation of containers and swap bodies.
Repair and washing area for containers and swap bodies.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8:00 to 20:00
Sat. and Sun. Closed

Tel. +351 914 326 504 (call to the national mobile network)

Contact us!

Zona Industrial de Riachos Este, 2350-297 Riachos, Portugal

Map Location

Info Sheet - Entroncamento Terminals - 2024

Info Sheet - Riachos Terminals - 2024


MEDWAY Terminal infrastructures

MEDWAY - Terminals Entroncamento has a total area of ​​220,000 m², a space where container consolidation and deconsolidation services, storage and handling, loading and unloading, cargo transfer, administrative services and personalized logistics are provided.

In addition to having covered infrastructures for storage, MEDWAY - Terminals Entroncamento also has an additional 14 thousand square meters of free, infrastructure land, specially designed to expand the covered logistics area.

MEDWAY Terminal scheme
Intermodal Road-Railway Transfer Zone

Intermodal Road-Railway Transfer Zone

  • 3 rail lines (one 750 meters and two 600 meters).
  • Handling Equipment.
Container Parking Area

Container Parking Area

  • Total capacity: 7 000 TEUS
  • Container parking: 100 000 m2
  • Parking of swap bodies
Logistics operations zone

logistics operations zone

  • Covered area for logistical operations: 6 000 m2.


Expansion zone for logistics operation

expansion zone for logistics operation

  • Authorized infrastructure construction area: 14,000 m2.
Parking for Road Vehicles

Parking for Road Vehicles

  • Fenced space with 24 hour CCTV video surveillance and controlled access.


The Atlantic Corridor, originally known as the Goods Corridor No. 4, consists of sections of the existing railway infrastructure planned between Sines / Setúbal / Lisbon / Aveiro / Leixões - Algeciras / Madrid / Bilbao / Zaragoza - Bordeaux / La Rochelle / Nantes / Paris / Le Havre / Metz / Strasbourg - Mannheim, crossing the borders at Vilar Formoso / Fuentes de Oñoro, Elvas / Badajoz, Irun / Hendaye and Forbach / Saarbrücken.

On January 1, 2016, with the extension of the Railway Goods Corridor to Mannheim crossing the France / Germany border at Forbach / Saarbrücken, Germany joined Portugal, Spain and France as a partner of the AEIE - Atlantic Corridor. The new configuration of the Atlantic Corridor included yet another connection to the river port of Strasbourg.

The mission of the Atlantic Corridor is primarily based on making the existing rail infrastructure profitable, without additional investment, through centralized management of capacity allocation, traffic management and customer relations.

In addition, the Atlantic Corridor is also a privileged platform for the coordination of investments in railway infrastructure in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany, in order to overcome technical and operational barriers, promoting interoperability and, consequently, fostering greater competitiveness within the rail freight transport.

Transport Logistics at MEDWAY


  • Warehousing
  • Consolidation e deconsolidation
  • Customized logistics
  • Area with Type A Public Customs Office
  • Offices for transport operators
  • Central security equipped with video surveillance
  • Terminal’s administration and management services
  • Workshops for vehicles
  • Containers maintenance
  • Training room for more than 30 people

support areas

  • Restaurant / Cafeteria
  • Service Area

MEDWAY is a logistics operator and the largest private rail freight operator in the Iberian Peninsula.

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