MEDWAY Logistics is OFN Agent

Aug 14, 2020

MEDWAY sigue apostando por incrementar su portafolio de servicios, y se une a la OFN

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MEDWAY signs the BCSD Charter of Principles

Aug 10, 2020

MEDWAY subscribed to the Charter of Principles of BCSD Portugal, which establishes the good practices that constitute the guidelines for good business management.

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Viana do Castelo Supports Creation of the “National Railway Day”

Jul 30, 2020

The Viana do Castelo City Council approved a motion to support the public petition for the creation of the “National Railroad Day”

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MEDWAY opens new logistics platform - MEDWAY Terminal Sines

Jul 22, 2020

MEDWAY inaugurated this month the MEDWAY Sines Terminal in the Sines Industrial and Logistics Area

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MEDWAY strengthens presence in Spain

Jul 17, 2020

MEDWAY acquired a new locomotive 269-355 to operate exclusively in Spain.

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MEDWAY Maintenance and Repair celebrates its first year of operation

Jul 08, 2020

This month MEDWAY M&R marks the 1st anniversary of its maintenance activity for the MEDWAY rolling stock fleet.

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MEDWAY Logistics performs air transport

Jul 03, 2020

MEDWAY Logistics, completed an air transport on the 22nd of June.

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Ferrovia vs. Highway

Jun 30, 2020

Currently, a MEDWAY train emits an average of about 6.0 Kg CO2 eq / Km

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MEDWAY joined the Clean Sweep operation

Jun 22, 2020

MEDWAY recently joined Operation Clean Sweep (OCS).

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MEDWAY Maintenance and Repair reinforces digitization of the company with the second phase of SAP implementation

Jun 15, 2020

MEDWAY M&R has just completed the 2nd phase of the implementation of the SAP system

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MEDWAY Maintenance and Repair receives ECOLUB certificate

Jun 09, 2020

Due to proper waste management, MEDWAY M&R received from ECOGUB the Used Oil Producer ECOLUB Certificate.

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MEDWAY Logistics is an IATA agent

Jun 05, 2020

MEDWAY increased its service portfolio becoming an IATA agent.

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