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air transport

We offer a complete air freight service to our customers with different options depending on their needs.

Transporte Aéreo


types of airfreight services

We provide different services based on deadlines for cargo delivery:

  • Express Service - 1-2 days for urgent cargo;
  • Standard Service - 3-5 days, with flexible choice;
  • Economic Service - 5-7 days, maximizing the cost-benefit ratio;
  • Differentiated deliveries according to the agreed transport conditions;
  • Door to door;
  • Door-to-Airport;
  • Airport-Door;
  • Airport-Airport.


IATA Agent


MEDWAY is an IATA agent with a complete portfolio of services.

The commitment assumed in an integrated logistics service, oriented to the needs of each customer, involving the various means of transport, by land, sea and air, with its own solutions in the multimodal and intermodal service, allows MEDWAY to become one of the main Logistics Operators in Portugal.



In close collaboration with our partners globally, we organize chartered flights, ensuring that commitments to customers are met. All issues related to weight, volume, large loads or even heavy loads are safeguarded.


Multimodal Services Sea-Air ou Air-Sea

Whenever possible, we study the possibility of combined service, with the immediate benefit of reducing costs. It is also a competitive alternative to sea transport, with a more favourable transit time.


Multimodal services Air-Truck ou Air-Rail

Whenever cargo needs to be transported quickly, to or from an inland destination, we can offer a combined air and truck and/or train transport service, in an intermodal solution.

We have our own solutions for loads with specific requirements that require a specific response. We have great experience in the Industry sector.

  • Cold chain
  • Temperature control
  • Perishable goods
  • Valuable goods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Sensitive equipment
  • Small volume service
  • Cargo Project, whatever the weight or configuration

Contact us!

Tel. (+351) 210 129 740


MEDWAY is a logistics operator and the largest private rail freight operator in the Iberian Peninsula.

We will contact you in 24 hours

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Find out how much rail freight transport saves the environment


By using freight transport, you will reduce CO2 eq emissions in:

against the same transport by road.

This is your contribution to saving the planet!

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