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Keep up to date with the latest news about MEDWAY. Here we share information about all our company's activities, from events to employee initiatives and even the latest solutions we have developed in the Freight Transport area.

MEDWAY integrates Mobilising Agendas

Mar 15, 2024

Paulo Alves, Executive Director of MEDWAY Maintenance & Repair

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Future Locomotive Celebrates 1 Year

Mar 12, 2024

Have you seen it in circulation? Comment on our social networks.

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Baptism of the locomotives AINA and ERIKA

Mar 07, 2024

You'll soon be able to see them travelling around Spain.

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From 6 to 10 March, we will meet at IFEMA Madrid

Mar 04, 2024

From 6 to 10 March, the MEDWAY Training team will be at "Education Week 2024"

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Personalised Rail Transport Service

Feb 27, 2024

The MEDWAY team works every day to respond to all market needs.

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Smart Wagons - have you heard of them?

Feb 23, 2024

MEDWAY is leading the Smart Wagons project, intelligent wagons for freight

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DEPOT, Do you know what it is?

Feb 20, 2024

Do you know what it is?

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Environmental Simulator

Feb 16, 2024

Is your company already connected to more environmentally friendly transport?!

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Passion and enthusiasm

Feb 14, 2024

We are passionate about what we do, we challenge ourselves to achieve excellence and we are tenacious in overcoming obstacles.

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Steel industry

Feb 08, 2024

In the steel industry, we offer competitive services with the quality that the market demands.

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Miniature Locomotives

Feb 05, 2024

And if you can't have the real MEDWAY Locomotive, these are now within reach, just a click away.

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MEDWAY joins Eco_Road initiative in Aragon

Feb 02, 2024

The Eco_Ferro initiative aims to develop a digital platform that helps decarbonise and reduce the carbon footprint of freight and passenger trains.

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