Bruno Silva at Portugal Railway Summit 2022

May 17, 2022

Bruno Silva, General Manager of MEDWAY, was at the...

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Supply Chain Magazine Conference 2022

May 10, 2022

The SCM Conference, organized by Supply Chain Magazine, returned to the face-to-face format

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Rail Day, Port of Tarragona

May 05, 2022

Miguel Angel Fañanas Diaz, MEDWAY Business Development Director for the Iberian Peninsula...

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MEDWAY reinforces its fleet in Spain with the incorporation of new electric locomotives

Apr 28, 2022

MEDWAY has just reinforced its activity in the Spanish market...

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Bruno Silva, Managing Director of MEDWAY at the "III Jornada de Transporte Intermodal"

Apr 22, 2022

Bruno Silva spoke to the audience about the objective of increasing the share of rail freight transport...

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New MEDWAY Training course!

Apr 13, 2022

We already have a new date for the new MEDWAY Training course!

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Convoy of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Apr 11, 2022

Our humanitarian aid train to Ukraine has already left!

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Three 1900 diesel-electric locomotives with R3 type overhaul works

Apr 06, 2022

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that MEDWAY already has...

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Pre-Trip Inspection at MEDWAY Sines

Mar 28, 2022

MEDWAY has started its PTI service for containers, and around 200 containers per month

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João Galante speaker at the II Logistics Week

Mar 24, 2022

Our Terminals Director, João Galante, was present at the II Logistics Week

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Traction and Production Inspection Course

Mar 22, 2022

At MEDWAY, the training of our employees...

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MEDWAY supports Sports Groups

Mar 15, 2022

Did you know that MEDWAY sponsors...

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Find out how much rail freight transport saves the environment


By using freight transport, you will reduce CO2 eq emissions in:

against the same transport by road.

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