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MEDWAY performs the first transport of "connected" reefers on the Leixões - Bobadela route

Sep 10 2020

Reefers "connected" at Leixões - Bobadela

On September 3, MEDWAY carried out its first transport of “connected” refrigerated containers between the Leixões and Bobadela Terminals.

The transport was carried out during the night, being available to the customer at the first hour of the morning.

The generators (Genset) used in this transport, have an autonomy of 48 hours, guaranteeing advantageous conditions in intermodal transport, transport of refrigerated containers by rail, with high energy efficiency.

With the immediate availability of this service on the Leixões - Bobadela axis, MEDWAY continues to invest in the expansion and diversification of services, transporting all types of products, including food.

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