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MEDWAY Logistics performs lashings at MEDWAY's Terminal in Sines

Aug 26 2020

Lashings at MEDWAY Sines Terminal

One month after its official opening, on August 21, MEDWAY Logistics carried out the first two lashings at the MEDWAY Terminal - Sines. The cargo was stowed in two flats for loading in Sines bound for Brazil.

The MEDWAY - Sines Terminal presents itself as the right option for hauling special loads for transport departing from Sines or any other point in the country.

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Fresh news

We celebrate 8 new locomotives

Jun 21, 2024

3 years ago, we added another 8 locomotives to our fleet in Spain

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Mega Trucks

Jun 16, 2024

At MEDWAY we are defenders of the environment and of a greener planet.

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