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MEDWAY creates Sustainable Transport Certificate

May 12 2020

MEDWAY Sustainable Transportation Certificate

MEDWAY will now provide an Annual Sustainable Transport Certificate to customers who choose the train as a means of transporting goods and want to receive this seal.

With this certification, companies can have access to relevant information to help meet their environmental goals, namely, how much they avoided CO2 emissions throughout the year with the use of rail transport at the expense of road transport.

The objective is to make companies aware of the importance of environmental sustainability.

Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY, highlights: “The railway is proven to be the most environmentally friendly means of transport. Although companies are increasingly aware of sustainability issues, they are not always aware of the real impact of their choices. With this Sustainable Transport Certificate we want to give them that photograph, helping them to achieve their environmental goals and, consequently, reduce the environmental footprint of the transport sector. ”

Currently, a MEDWAY train emits on average about 6.0 Kg CO2 eq / Km, while the transport of the same amount of goods by truck represents an emission of around 20.4 Kg CO2 eq / Km, which corresponds to a reduction of 71 % of CO2 eq / Km compared to the railway truck. This reduction reaches 74%, if the transport is carried out exclusively using electric locomotives.

MEDWAY acts as an integrated logistics operator from the first to the last phase, responding to all the logistical needs of customers and ensuring compliance with the best sustainability practices.

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