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Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

We are contractual logistics partners for several customers, who trust in our ability to design the best Contract Logistics solution adapted to each specific need. It differentiates us the way we interact with customers, in search of the best solution and the associated competitive advantages.

Our solutions, which may or may not go through in-house logistics, cover the various stages of the supply chain management process, from the supplier to the customer, including reverse logistics and after-sales support. We are also prepared to take on parts of the logistics process, such as warehouse operations, distribution centers, transfers and distribution. MEDWAY assumes responsibility for the contracted services, making employees available, keeping them permanently trained to meet the requirements of the various operations.


Reverse Logístics

We respond with solutions that allow our customers to efficiently manage their solid waste, which includes the possibility of reusing materials after sale and consumption, in the production process and / or disposing of this waste in the appropriate places. We are proud to help companies fulfill their corporate social responsibility commitments, in line with national legislation. MEDWAY has strict commitments regarding the reduction of the ecological footprint and is prepared to collaborate with its customers and partners in reducing the waste of natural resources, thus contributing to reinforcing the image of its customers in the market.


Last mile custom delivery

We are prepared for personalized deliveries. This process includes specific special treatments, targeted at sensitive products and equipment, including unpacking and configuring the product at the final destination. Our consultancy department will work closely with customers' employees in order to jointly define the most appropriate network configurations.


Cold chain Logístics

Companies that transport sensitive products under controlled temperature rely on MEDWAY Logistics to protect the integrity and safety of their products, throughout the entire cold chain. We can tailor services to the specific needs of different industries, from technology, pharmaceuticals, and perishable foods.


Project Cargo

The cargo project is part of our DNA. Our cargo project team has very high experience in handling and monitoring these types of cargo. From planning to final execution, we monitor the various stages of the process, always in close collaboration with the customer, ensuring the choice of the appropriate ship to the specific need of the cargo.

According to the specificity of the cargo, we design the transport, whether in conventional, RoRo or charter contract, involving the types of transport, by land, sea or air that best suit the needs of each client.


Single-Point Contact – Management of imports/exports from origin/destination

An import/export management strategy, from the source to the destination, allows for a much more efficient stock control, optimizes the transport chain and meeting delivery deadlines. In partnership with our agents, we manage orders, from the supplier to delivery at the factory or at the direct customer, involving our transport specialists. Our offer of load management services from the source includes:

  • Direct management of orders directly with suppliers;
  • Consolidation at source, including shipments from various suppliers and in accordance with defined transport conditions;
  • Treatment of all export formalities in collaboration with suppliers;
  • Confirmation of ready for carriage and ETA to destination;
  • Monitoring of transport to destination;
  • Treatment of import formalities, upon arrival at the port of destination;
  • Delivery of cargo at defined timings.

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MEDWAY is a logistics operator and the largest private rail freight operator in the Iberian Peninsula.

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