Visit the Virtual Exhibition here!

Nov 05 2021


Come aboard!

Destination: one-way ticket to the past, stopping in the present and touring the future.

Discover the Portuguese railway through a virtual and interactive exhibition, where railway heritage and culture, trains, stations, historic buildings, terminals, operations control centers and workshops will be the arrival point.

This is the invitation of MEDWAY, CP – Comboios de Portugal, Fertagus, Infraestruturas de Portugal, Museu Nacional Ferroviário and Takargo.

Visit the exhibition: HERE!


Fresh news

MEDWAY voted "Best Rail Carrier" by TN

Nov 22, 2021

And because the good news is never too much, here we leave one more...

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Today, we introduce you to Valter Caetano, Crew Manager, in Gaia

Nov 03, 2021

Today, we introduce you to our collaborator Valter Caetano, Crew Manager, in Gaia.

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