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Reefer comes from "refrigerated"...

Jan 23 2024


Have you ever heard of Reefers?

Reefer comes from "refrigerated". Reefer containers are large temperature-controlled cabinets used for storing and transporting cargo that requires temperature control and monitoring, such as fruit, meat, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, among others.

They are also differentiated from normal containers by their white paint, which allows them to maintain a lower temperature, but also allows them to be identified more quickly.

Fresh news


Jan 27, 2024

We're very proud to share the photos sent in by our train drivers.

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Environmental Simulator

Feb 16, 2024

Is your company already connected to more environmentally friendly transport?!

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Find out how much rail freight transport saves the environment


By using freight transport, you will reduce CO2 eq emissions in:

against the same transport by road.

This is your contribution to saving the planet!

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