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MEDWAY Maintenance and Repair receives ECOLUB certificate

Jun 09 2020

ECOLUB Certificate of Used Oil Producer from SOGILUB

Due to proper waste management, MEDWAY M&R received from ECOGUB the Used Oil Producer ECOLUB Certificate.

This certificate reinforces the good environmental practices implemented and its concern for the protection of the environment, with regard to this specific waste stream, thus contributing to sustainable development.

MEDWAY M&R has already delivered almost 11 Tons of Used Oils to SOGILUB, since it started its activity in July 2019.

Sogilub is the only entity in Portugal that is licensed as a Managing Entity for the Integrated Management System for Used Oils (SIGOU).

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We are moving...

Jul 07, 2024

MEDWAY trains are running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to guarantee transport services for all our customers.

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Road transport with MEDWAY

Jul 09, 2024

The collection and delivery of goods is guaranteed by a dedicated team and our own fleet, 24 hours a day, door-to-door.

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