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MEDWAY Maintenance and Repair celebrates its first year of activity

Jul 08 2020

Anniversary of MEDWAY M&R

This month MEDWAY MR marks the 1st anniversary of its maintenance activity for the MEDWAY rolling stock fleet. This currently includes 20 diesel locomotives that perform around 25 thousand hours of operation per year, 240 thousand km; and 2,360 wagons that carry out approximately 70 million km per year.

MEDWAY M&R was born to meet the needs of maintenance of railway rolling stock for the transportation of goods, recovering and ensuring the sustainability of this area of ​​activity in the country.

During this year , carried out 1,150 locomotive maintenance interventions, and 11,575 wagon maintenance interventions.

MEDWAY M&R also carried out about 10,000 km / month with a network of mobile maintenance teams equipped with the latest generation means to cover the country, maximizing the availability of material for exploration. 

MEDWAY M&R today has 90 workers who represented a workforce of 90,000 hours of direct labor to maintain the rolling stock fleet. It also acquired services from more than 100 national and international suppliers, extending the network of partners and fostering cooperation with companies in the industry, including with CP itself in terms of component repair.

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MEDWAY at Foro Corell with Miguel Fañanás

Jun 25, 2024

MEDWAY was present at the 6th edition of the Corell Forum, with the participation of Miguel Fañanás.

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We celebrate 8 new locomotives

Jun 21, 2024

3 years ago, we added another 8 locomotives to our fleet in Spain

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