Created in January 2018, MEDWAY Training is a company of the MEDWAY Group that provides specialized training services in the railway sector operating towards the training needs of railway companies by providing courses geared to the needs of the sector.

MEDWAY Training's identity is based on the development of skills in the transport and logistics sector, with a commitment to innovation and quality in its training courses.

The know-how we have, together with our extensive experience in the railway sector, allows us to assume the role of aggregator and disseminator of our knowledge while guaranteeing the highest level of commitment to our students.

Our railway training center is approved by the State Agency for Railway Safety according to Order FOM/2872/2010, on 11 October 2018, and operates in the Spanish market.

Personalised training - Follow-up and personalised theoretical and practical training for each student.
Extensive experience - Courses adapted to the needs of the railway sector.
Practical classes - Practical classes on board MEDWAY locomotives.

Railway Training

We have trainers with extensive experience in both theory and practice, and a long track record in the railway sector.

The theory classes are taught in classrooms approved by the State Railway Safety Agency.

We are committed to technological innovation; therefore, we provide our students with a Tablet with which they will have access to all updated documentation, on the center’s e-learning platform.

Effective driving practice will preferably be carried out on MEDWAY trains.


Hours of tuition

Training takes place in the classroom and also on board MEDWAY locomotives.



This is the number of students who have already entrusted MEDWAY Training with their training.



In three years since its creation, MEDWAY Training is already training its 9th promotion of future train drivers.


Find out how much rail freight transport saves the environment


By using freight transport, you will reduce CO2 eq emissions in:

against the same transport by road.

This is your contribution to saving the planet!

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