MEDWAY endorses BCSD Portugal's Charter of Principles for Sustainable Development

The Charter of Principles BCSD PORTUGAL, allows any subscribing company to be recognized with its customers, suppliers and society in general for the adoption of solid sustainability commitments. The Charter encourages subscribers to go beyond legal compliance, adopting recognized norms and practices and in line with management, ethical, social, environmental and quality standards, in any context of the global economy.



Charter of Principles BCSD PORTUGAL


MEDWAY joins Operation Clean Sweep

MEDWAY joins Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). This is a program designed to prevent the loss of pellets throughout the value chain, preserving the environment.

The ultimate goal is to contribute to the total elimination of plastics and their derivatives for nature, guaranteeing them an environmentally adequate destination, prevented as soon as they reach the oceans.

This commitment is also an asset in improving relations with stakeholder groups and community organizations that expect the sector to minimize its environmental footprint.


Declaration of commitment signed by the Top Management


Environmental Sustainability

MEDWAY bases its activity on a strong commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in its activity, as benefits for the planet and for the activity of its customers. MEDWAY's strategy proves that it is possible to increase the economic competitiveness of the logistical solutions offered to its Customers, while guaranteeing a sustainable and very positive contribution to the protection of the environment and the climate.

Find out how much rail freight transport saves the environment


By using freight transport, you will reduce CO2 eq emissions in:

against the same transport by road.

This is your contribution to saving the planet!

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