Multi Modal


MEDWAY fosters sustained growth of exports, produced by domestic industry, through the sea ports, either on dedicated trains or as part of complex logistics chains for the rail transport of large volumes of freight, such as containers or swap-bodies, bulk, foundry products, building materials, forestry products or cars.

The company’s own fleet has been built to carry different kinds of goods, guaranteeing domestic and international coverage.

Our services and products are geared towards companies in several sectors as well as specialized logistics operators, and our aim to offer services tailored to our customers’ needs.

In all these goods segments we offer a high quality service, fast and without disruption in the logistics chain, associating rail transport with others (maritime, fluvial, road and air), based on extensive experience and safe knowledge, acquired over many years. years.

We have own equipment for all types of goods, whether in bulk, packaged, palletized, bagged, etc.

We also offer a dedicated service dedicated to dangerous cargoes, in order to ensure their transport in the strictest respect for all standards and good practices of safety and environmental protection, in order to ensure safe and sustainable transport.

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Multi modal transport is certified by SQAS


swap bodies

Transport of Swap Bodies

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Transport of Containers

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generators (reefers)

Transport using Reefers

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cisterns (intermodal)

Transport of Intermodal Cisterns

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