Have you ever heard of Operation Clean Sweep® Europe?

Aug 05 2021


OCS is a program designed to prevent the loss of pellets (small plastic resin granules used in industry to produce different types of plastics) throughout the value chain, which MEDWAY joined in 2020.

Implemented in Europe since 2015, the final objective of this project is to contribute to the total elimination of plastics and their derivatives for nature, guaranteeing them an environmentally suitable destination, preventing them from reaching the oceans.

Fresh news

Sustainable Transport 2020

Jul 29, 2021

Did you know that, in 2020, by choosing rail transport, our customers avoided the emission of around 20 thousand tons of CO2?

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Fast Delivery between distant destinations

Aug 31, 2021

One of the characteristics that distinguishes MEDWAY is the fact that it makes fast deliveries between distant destinations.

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