Get to know another member of our Terminals team

Jun 23 2021


We present our Operator Gonçalo Brás, who has been working with us for about a year. Gonçalo believes that working at MEDWAY is synonymous with constant challenges and new achievements.

As a fundamental asset of the team, it is very important for MEDWAY that our employees seek to learn daily.

Thank you Gonçalo, for never turning down a good challenge!

Fresh news

MEDWAY receives ok for the development of the Lousado Terminal

May 21, 2021

APA - Portuguese Environment Agency has just issued the Environmental Impact Statement favorable to the Lousado Terminal project, based on the Environmental Impact Study presented by MEDWAY.

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In the last two months, we've christened 27 locomotives

Jul 08, 2021

Their names were not chosen at randomly...

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